Episode thirteen — “Sound mind”

New York musician Carter Thornton sits in for Natty. He and Smith perform sound collaborations, including “Teas”, “Clean Genie” and “Scotchman Watchman”.

Sonics, instruments, Himself, like that: CT

Words, phonics, manipulation, like that: SH

Intro: Hans Chew + ID: Steven Reines

“Four Ducks on a Pond” by William Allingham

Episode twelve — “Just say ‘know’!”

We ring in the new year (pronounced “twenty-eleven”) by pondering the “homeless-announcer-guy-with-the-‘golden-voice'” phenomenon and taking callers a-plenty. The Idea Guy and Vlad offer their services. City workers Toucan and Charlie heatedly tell us know how the snow job’s going. Then, it’s a rocky road to play the pajama game with Mr. Patel.

Thanks to Steven Reines and Hans Chew.