Episode thirteen “Sound mind”

New York musician Carter Thornton sits in for Natty. He and Smith perform sound collaborations, including “Teas”, “Clean Genie” and “Scotchman Watchman”.

Sonics, instruments, Himself, like that: CT

Words, phonics, manipulation, like that: SH

Intro: Hans Chew + ID: Steven Reines

“Four Ducks on a Pond” by William Allingham

Episode twelve “Just say ‘know’!”

We ring in the new year (pronounced “twenty-eleven”) by pondering the “homeless-announcer-guy-with-the-‘golden-voice'” phenomenon and taking callers a-plenty. The Idea Guy and Vlad offer their services. City workers Toucan and Charlie heatedly tell us know how the snow job’s going. Then, it’s a rocky road to play the pajama game with Mr. Patel.

Thanks to Steven Reines and Hans Chew.